2:365 – Lovely Sunday

Quick post today. My boy wants quality Sunday night time and I am neglecting him for the laptop. Not being a techie, geek, blogger, or supporter of any of those he is unamused and less than empathetic.

To which I say… Deal.

Sundays are our one day together. Until very recently, he worked mostly nights and weekends and I’m a nine-to-fiver so the time we spent together was any few minutes we could snag between coming and going. About a month ago he received an opportunity to change his schedule, so we get Monday through Thursday nights together and all of Sunday. Sunday’s are good days, especially now that football (and, consequently, fantasy football) has started. To say my boy like sports is similar to saying Lindsay Lohan likes a drink. I cannot stomach the one-thousand game baseball season but football, with it’s 16-games-per-team-per-season, is much more my style. The uniforms! The crowds! The excitement! Be still my heart!

Anyway, I’ll leave it here before I get dumped. Journey continues tomorrow.

Today’s reading: If Punching People in the Face Made Them Less Stupid, I would Be a Strong Advocate for Violence :: Oh, Thank God…


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