7:365 – The Inspiration

Hooray for one full week of stick-to-it-ive-ness! I’m totally counting yesterday’s one-word post and if you had any idea how much effort that one word took to hunt-and-peck out, you would too.

I feel like I need to give some credit to someone for being the inspiration for this project. In addition to being a wannabe writer, I am also a wannabe photog (gosh, I’m so multifaceted!). I’ve got a Flickr page, as we all do, and sometimes I like to look around at other people’s pictures. Not too often though. 99% of everyone on Flickr has better pictures than mine. Gives me a complex.

So I don’t remember what I was doing on this one fateful day but I came across This Here Profile. Even if you’re more into the verbal than the visual, it’s totally worth a look. This woman, whose name is Julie aka Sungazing, has struggled with debilitatingly poor body image her whole life and she takes on this challenge to take a self-portrait every single day for a year, despite how internally difficult it might be for her swallow. And the photos produced in this challenge?

They. Are. Mindblowing.

She’s not only a fantastic photographer, she’s a fantastic model! She’s phenomenal at fully capturing that day, that moment, that emotion in every single photo. She brings you up with her and down with her and around with her through a years worth of emotions and it’s a little bit exhausting but that’s how you know it’s good. I looked at every… single…. photo. And I loved them all. When I had looked at the 365th photo, I was so overcome that I sent Julie a long babbling message via Flickr telling her how much of an inspiration this photo set was to me, and I know that if I looked at them again I would react the same way. Some of the photos are happy and silly and bursting with color and texture and all the principles the really make a photo worth looking at, and some are just… a tired lady who’s had a hard day and doesn’t want to take a stupid picture of her own stupid face. Which is beautiful in it’s own right. Each one is creative, each one makes you want to stop and look for a moment, and each one makes you want to click on to the next one right away.

I’m not going to do any such thing with photography because, having seen Julie’s work, I would fall so far short of my own expectations that it’s not even worth the effort. But here I am with my blog and I’m doing it and I’m feeling good about it.

Congrats again, Julie, on a successful year, and congrats to me for a successful week.

Today’s reading: Eggs & Toast :: The Blue Hour (more pretty pictures)


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