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5:365 – Character Introduction (These will happen periodically)

This is Kitty:

Chinese-eyes mean Kitty is happy.

She is the love of my life. She is also a terrorist and a menace. And sometimes a thug.

My boy’s dog, Charlie (or Charles, Carlos, or Señor Slobber) is terrified of Kitty, which may have something to do with the way she hisses and spits at him if he comes within 16 inches of her. But she means well! She’s just decided that it’s her house and she would prefer he not be in it. I feel that way about other people sometimes, too, so I really can’t hold it against her.
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4:365 – And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Alaska to sell you

This morning I awoke at dawn, rested and relaxed, wrapped in my lush silken sheets. I got out of bed, slipped on my terrycloth robe and sat on the balcony with a toast and jam, and hot cup of tea, watching the sun rise gloriously over the mountains to the east. I then drew myself a foamy bubble bath in my garden tub and indulged in a soak. After my stylists fixed my hair and makeup I had James take me into the city where I spent the morning shopping at the usual places, Tiffany’s, Saks, my favorite boutiques, treating myself to a few small tokens along the way. I got my nails re-done before returning home for lunch, as I decided I really wanted a slightly pink-er shade of pink than what I had done yesterday. By the way, my chef, Orlando, makes just the most delicious pate, truly it’s to die for. The afternoon was devoted to studying my Japanese in preparation for my upcoming trip to Tokyo… the Prime Minister requested an audience with my after I wrote him regarding some ideas I had come up with to strengthen the relationship between our two great and beautiful nations. My teacher says I am progressing faster than anyone else she’s taught, though I’m sure it’s all due to her absolutely remarkable style of teaching!

After my lesson I rested in the hammock reading Anna Karenina, with my persian, Alexis de Tocqueville (“Lexie”), purring in my lap. The book is one of my favorites, I’ve read it several times since I was young. My fiancee was home from work around 7:45 and we watched the sun set together beyond the lake to the west. Over rack of lamb with roasted red potatoes and glazed carrots (Chef Orlando is simply devine, I don’t know what we would do without him), we debated between honeymooning at Machu Picchu, or just doing another tour of Italy. We loved Italy last year, especially Mt Vesuvius, but decided that since we are going to be purchasing property there soon, Machu Picchu may be the more practical decision. Richard did suggest, with a gleam in his eye, that perhaps we could extend the honeymoon and do both. He does spoil me so! Though just between you and me, I think I would rather do Belgium than Italy. Brussels is just such a quaint and adorable little city, so different from everything I’ve know.

It’s been such an exhausting day, I think it’s time for some beauty rest. Now if only I could decide between the blue bedroom and the red…

…I wish.

Today’s Reading: Dooce. Yes, the whole thing. Heather Armstrong’s most boring days in real life are still more gripping than my fantasy world.

3:365 – The Setting

So I feel like I should begin, as this is still the beginning, by setting the scene. Though starting my life, spending the first twenty years of my life, and fearing I would end my life in the mid-coast area of Maine (which is not part of Canada… no, it’s not), I find myself in Texas. DFW, to be more precise, or Dallas-Fort Worth to those not in the know. I like it here, or maybe I love it here… it’s kind of a fine line. It’s not the northeast. The locals don’t really know what the word “beach” means. Nor do they know the potential implications of the word “winter.” Nor do they understand the concept of “small town.” The small towns here have forty-thousand people crammed inside their borders, and at least one high school each. The town I grew up in had approximately fourteen-hundred people strewn across the landscape, and shared a high school with four neighboring towns. That’s a small town.
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2:365 – Lovely Sunday

Quick post today. My boy wants quality Sunday night time and I am neglecting him for the laptop. Not being a techie, geek, blogger, or supporter of any of those he is unamused and less than empathetic.

To which I say… Deal.

Sundays are our one day together. Until very recently, he worked mostly nights and weekends and I’m a nine-to-fiver so the time we spent together was any few minutes we could snag between coming and going. About a month ago he received an opportunity to change his schedule, so we get Monday through Thursday nights together and all of Sunday. Sunday’s are good days, especially now that football (and, consequently, fantasy football) has started. To say my boy like sports is similar to saying Lindsay Lohan likes a drink. I cannot stomach the one-thousand game baseball season but football, with it’s 16-games-per-team-per-season, is much more my style. The uniforms! The crowds! The excitement! Be still my heart!

Anyway, I’ll leave it here before I get dumped. Journey continues tomorrow.

Today’s reading: If Punching People in the Face Made Them Less Stupid, I would Be a Strong Advocate for Violence :: Oh, Thank God…

1:365 – I Yearn to Blog!

I wish this were my first blogging rodeo. It would only be logical for me to hit the “sign up” button on the home page. My first post would suck and that would be ok because everyone’s first post sucks. We all know it and accept it as an inevitability (death, taxes, and crappy first blog posts). I would be exempt from judgement here.

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