17:365 – I Love Starbucks

So much. It’s kind of my thing.

I love Starbucks so much that if, in 25 years or so, it’s uncovered that there is actually crack in the coffee, I for one will not be surprised. Actually, it would explain a lot.

I signed up with their rewards program because, even though the rewards program kind of sucks, if I’m going to be frequenting their stores anyway I might as well get a free drink every 15 drinks or so. The way it works is after you have 30 transactions (not 30 drinks, transactions. Like I said, it kind of sucks) you’re in the “Gold Level” and you get a “Gold Card”

Here’s mine:

God it’s so beautiful.

Eric has gotten to the point where he accepts my Starbucks “habit,” but he doesn’t understand it. In fact, his response when I showed him my new wallet-candy?

Eric: So lame
Amie: Jealousy is an ugly thing.
Eric: I’m not jealous
Ame: How could you not be?
Eric: Beacuse I’m not a Starbucks guy
Amie: But not only does my card entitle me to free Starbucks, it’s SUPER SHINY.

And then I threatened to kiss it.

Did I follow through? That’s for me to know and you to not know.

Today’s reading: Falling Out of Love With Foursquare :: very misscoca


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