23:365 – Sports World vs Real World

Eric and I are sorta kinda intensely competitive over our favorite football teams. The battle over whose team is superior to the other will probably wage until the end of time. I, being a good New Englander, hold my Patriots above all the others, including the Colts whom I love. Eric, being a butthead, likes the Cowboys. The harassment I deal with from him and his family over my choice of team borders on abuse so when I get an opportunity to get a hit in on the ‘Boys, I take it. Last night while Eric and I were watching some Monday Night Football before bed, something was said about the New England Patriots and their 2007 16-0 season.

Amie: Yeah, that’s right. Sixteen and oh, baby. How many times have the Cowboys done that?
Eric: It doesn’t matter. They lost in the Superbowl to the Giants.
Amie: What do you mean it doesn’t matter, they went sixteen and oh!! They were undefeated!
Eric: Doesn’t matter. They lost the Superbowl, their regular season record doesn’t mean anything.
Amie (totally enraged): Well that’s stupid, that’s a stupid way to look at it, and whoever decided that that’s how it is is a big stupid stupidhead who is STUPID! *throws things and punches a hole in the wall*

Ok, maybe I didn’t really punch a hole in the wall, BUT I WANTED TO.

Growing up, I was not a very sportsy girl. Some of my most painful childhood memories are of the days when there was nothing on TV but football and baseball. Wait, I take that back, the most painful memories are from the time in 3rd grade I tried to play basketball. Someone would pass me the ball… And I would move out of the way, a reaction I still have today. Ick. However, in the 1-year+ that I’ve lived in Texas and dated the worlds most dedicated sports addict I’ve warmed up to my inner (way inner) jock. An afternoon of nothing but baseball on TV is still the stuff of my nightmares but I am a sucker for a good hockey fight, and did you see that catch Miles Austin made Sunday night?

But there is still one thing that irritates me to my core about the athletic world, and it’s this absurd mentality amongst die-hard sports people that the things that don’t happen are more important than the things that do happen.

The Patriots, as I may have mentioned, went 16-0 in the ’07/’08 season. They then lost by three points (17-14) to the Giants in the Superbowl which, according to the logic that governs the world of popular athletics in the US, effectively nullifies the fact that NO ONE ELSE was able to beat them throughout the entire season. Let me repeat that: they beat everyone. What’s that other team that went 16-0 that one time OH WAIT IT WAS NO ONE.

But because Tom Brady didn’t walk away with a ring that year…. It’s moot. Doesn’t count, doesn’t matter. HOW STUPID IS THAT.

In the real world, the world where people don’t whine for more money when they make over $10 million per year, the things you DO count for something. If I took Eric’s car to get washed, cooked him dinner, gave him a foot rub, washed all his clothes, and enjoyed a game of baseball with him one evening… and he then said, “But there was a sock under the bed that didn’t get washed, so none of that stuff counts,” I would punch his face and get Kitty to savage him.

Oh, I’m so irritated right now I might just punch him and sic Kitty on him anyway.

Today’s Reading: Unhooked and Unsettled: Scared of Marriage :: Reactionary Century — A woman after my own heart.


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