27:365 – Stuff and Things and Babies

I’m an Aunt… again!! My older brother’s third child was born yesterday around noon. I have a new baby niece named Bella. His other kids are almost-13 and almost-9 and they are super excited about their new sister. Despite the fact that they didn’t find out until Thursday whether they were having a boy or a girl, my nephew messaged me the day he found out about the baby saying, “I’M GOING TO HAVE A BABY BROTHER!!!!!!!”

So…. yeah, so much for that. But he’s still excited. My mom is excited too because today is her birthday and baby Bella decided to get borned about two and a half weeks early to be my momma’s birthday present.



She’s adorable and I love her. I just hope I get to meet her soon.

Had a birthday party for one of Eric’s nieces today. Her 2nd birthday was last Monday (so many October birthdays!). Eric has five nieces, the oldest of whom is 6, and I somehow found myself helping four of them decorate a Halloween gingerbread house. For everyone who thinks this sounds cute and fun, it’s not. I do not recommend it, unless you enjoy finding icing in every crevice of your body and home. The little house didn’t look very much like the picture on the box by the time the girls were done with it, but it definitely had a spooky quality to it.


Today’s Reading:What’s So Special About Nebraska :: Veronica Twizzler — A fun and quirky blog!

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