So this past Wednesday was my birthday. Yup, the big 2-3. I stopped receiving or expecting birthday parties and stacks of fancily wrapped gifts around 12 years of age, so even though I love birthdays and having them, they usually end up being a little… meh.


My co-workers got me a huge cake with a picture of Ric Flair on it, which I hated/loved. I had a watermelon margarita. My kitties got me a birthday card. Bestest of all… possibly the best birthday present I’ve ever received… Eric got me a brand new Nikon. I stared at it wordlessly for a solid 7 seconds upon unwrapping it. I passionately love photography, and I’ve never owned such an amazing piece of equipment. I mean, I know it’s not a $1,000, top-of-the-top-of-the-line, 1400 megapixel photobot, but it’s better than anything I ever expected to own. It creates beautiful pieces of art.

So naturally I’m itching to take pictures of any- and everything, buttt I’m home alone tonight with the kitties. Granted, pets can make some of the best photos, but they were mostly just napping. So, alright, I admit, I snapped a few of myself.

I’ve always really loved the concept of self-portraiture; the good stuff, I mean, none of that Myspace-angles cell phone profile pic snapping. There’s this one self-portrait I vividly remember of a lady who had always struggled with eating issues staring wild-eyed at the camera, one hand stuffing food into her mouth and the other hand picking at crumbs on a plate in front of her. Very poignant. I also scrolled through the entire Flickr photostream of a lady with serious self image issues who took a photo of herself every day for a whole year. It was beyond words (her Flickr name is Sungazing, in case you would like to take a look).

I, however, am not very photogenic. Too shiny in the face. Awkward. But I decided to just go for it and see what I could come up with. Here are some results:

Please excuse my hairy arm.

Is that a stain on the carpet?

Ok, so not amazing, but not too bad for a first attempt? Right? GUYS??
But I got to thinking, those pictures don’t really tell the viewer anything about the subject.

Yes, this was taken in my bathroom.

Eric is familiar with this expression.

Oh alright, so I took some kitty pictures too.

She knows what this is about


2 responses to “Narcissus

  • Casey

    I love all the pics but the first one of you is amazing! Every Wednesday on my blog I do a post called Wordless Wednesday and I just post a picture, you should do that now that you have a fancy camera! Your birthday gift from us isn’t here yet so you only get a picture of it and will get it sometime soon, sorry about that 😦

  • Janice Wyman

    You are a talented photographer! So glad you got the camera. Comment: Your eyes don’t suit your age. You have million-year-old eyes. Eyes that somehow know things and feel things that no person your age should ever have to know. They are old and wise, belying your chronological age. At least that was my first impression of your photos. Keep up the good work! -janice

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