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Kick-Ass Lyrics for a Touching Apology

Oh, Third Eye Blind. How I love thee. I was only 11 when the 90s ended, but you, Alanis, and the Goo Goo Dolls worked your way into the heart of my later high school years and have stuck around ever since.

For those of you who only know one Third Eye Blind song, please be aware that I am not referencing the one that goes “Doo doo doo! Doo da-doo doo!”

Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

The song I’m going to rave about today is a less-well-known TEB song, found on the Japanese-exclusive version of 1997’s Third Eye Blind album as well as their greatest hits CD, and #4 on my iTunes 25 most played list, which is a good enough list to go platinum, but alas… still waiting.

Anyway, I’m talking about the song Tattoo of the Sun and all it’s subtly compelling glory. It’s a nostalgic song (my favorite type!) about realizing that you and your favorite person in the world have gotten away from where you once were, and about realizing that just because the other person is wrong, it doesn’t mean you’re right. I actually used these lyrics once in an apology email to my then-boyfriend. He was touched and impressed and asked if I had written it.

Totally should have said yes.

So I went and trashed myself at the bar
Confused for nothing, thinking you’d be there
I’m so embarrassed ’cause it’s you
Who comes to take care of me
Shambling home again with you to lead
But it’s not the way I wanna go

I’m mad at you, and I’m mad at me
Talking endlessly, not a kind word to say
‘Til your amber beads of wisdom come
And I want to write them down
Just the way you said it
So I could keep it always

-Tattoo of the Sun
Third Eye Blind


Kick-Ass Lyrics that are Not for Your Mom

…And maybe not for your dad either. Definitely not for your little sister. This is tough music. We’re talking, friends, about Lil Wayne.

The man is a genius. Whether you love or hate rap, it’s hard to dispute that a good rap song… Lil Wayne rap, Jay-Z rap, Kanye rap… is impressive. To me, it’s a thing of beauty. It’s art! It’s intricate poetry set to a bad-ass beat. It’s not something just anyone can do, but Wayne makes it seem effortless.

His mixtape album Sorry 4 the Wait was created as a treat for the fans after the release date for his album The Carter IV was pushed back. It’s is a compilation of 12 songs, almost all of which were done freestyle. Freestyle! Have you ever tried to write a song by sitting down with a pen and paper and taking time to cross things off and revise? I have… it came out really bad.

Like, embarrassingly bad.

Now, have you ever tried to spit out the first things that came into your head and have them rhyme and match a beat and generally sound ballin’ enough to make people want to pay money to hear it? No? That’s because it’s impossible.

Unless you’re Dwayne Carter.

Sorry 4 the Wait is a great album that has a little something for the whole family (except your mom, dad, and little sister). Some songs are hard and fast and crazy, others feature pleasant guitar riffs! There’s even a little bit of a piano-wrapped love song, served up Weezy style, with such heart-melting lines as “I don’t know about you but I’m a beast with mine / She said she’ll wait for the Carter 69.” Touching.

It’s also worth noting that while he was spittin’ freestyle, he managed to incorporate the words “sorry for the wait” into every song. Almost like a scavenger hunt. How fun! It is, however, rarely pretty. And it’s rarely nice. And it’s not for your mom. But it’s usually funny, and it’s always clever the way you wish you were. Here’s a taste.

I’m a motherfucker, call me Weezy baby
And on the end of the barrel I got a sweet potato
My life is a movie, I got a leading lady
My rooftop drop back like Tom Brady

I got the world in my hands, skateboard and my Vans
And all my boys stay strapped like we live in Iran
I know what I can do, so bitch I do what I can
Drop the Sorry 4 the Wait, man, I’m just sayin

-Gucci Gucci
Lil Wayne