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Garden Club, Membership: 1

Okay, so that whole “blogging every day for a year” thing didn’t really work. I ran out of things to write. So judge me!

It’s okay though. I’m back now.

I’ve been overwhelmed lately with the urge to create things. I don’t know where this urge came from exactly; I mean, I know it originates from 18 years of watching my mother knit, sew, crochet, quilt, garden, build a kayak in our living room, paint, scrapbook, cook, bake, make homemade bread and jewelry (including a heart shaped necklace made from the leg bone of a moose she hunted herself… who does that?), and Create Things in just about every form known to man. I’m just not sure why all of a sudden I’ve been itching to pick up at least three of these hobbies, plus a few of my own. Like soap making. Why soap making? I don’t know! I was looking at magazines in Barnes and Nobel the other day and I found a magazine about it! It looked cool! I would like to try my hand at it! Perhaps I could learn to make beautiful, delectably aromatic soaps in my kitchen and then sell them at craft fairs for outrageous prices that people would be not only willing but also excited to pay because my soaps are so beautiful and delectable!


The problem with soap making and all the other hobbies I’m overcome with the need to pick up is that they tend to come with a stiff price tag. One of the recipes I found in the soap making magazine for a super-fun lip gloss required mica powder. I don’t even know where to get mica powder. I looked for it at Albertson’s the last time I was there. Didn’t see it.

Other products you need to buy to have a successful home soap making business: soap base, jojoba oil, beeswax, bentonite clay, lye. Lye! Lye. I’ve never bought lye, but I’m pretty sure it’s not cheap. Plus you need molds and mixers, special utensils and receptacles, packaging and wrappers, and come on people, I just bought a house! I’m not made of money!

So the soap making is on a back burner right now. As is opening a successful bakery and starting a successful wedding website business.

However! There is one hobby/craft/creative outlet I am committing myself to and before you say “hey, remember the whole “blogging every day for a year” commitment you made, yeah how long did that last,” I would just like to say: no it’s for real this time! I’m going to plant a garden!

My sister and I went to the Dallas Arboretum yesterday for gardening inspiration. Since it’s kind of still February, there wasn’t a whole lot of blooming going on. It was educational though; one garden in particular had a series of tips for gardening in the North Texas climate. I also got some layout and color scheme concept ideas, and my sister and I went halves on a book about gardening in this area.

The tulips had not bloomed.

So despite the fact that I’m the type of person who can underwater a cactus, I’m going to read my little gardening book and go buy some little gardening gloves and try my hand at beautifying the world. Or at least my part of it.

Dead plant pictures to follow.

This will go in my garden as soon as it exists.