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The Old Ball Game


Eric and I went to the Texas Rangers/Cleveland Indians game last night. The Rangers did not win, Michael Young did not get his 2,000th hit, and we didn’t catch a foul ball, but I got some neat photos of America’s so-called pasttime (though I still prefer football):


Go Rangers!


Aww, so sad

Rangers Score!


Kick-Ass Lyric of the Day:

It’s a beautiful day

-Beautiful Day


25:365 – Dallas! Stars! Dallas! Stars!

Tonight is the Stars’ first home game of the season!! So of course they’re playing the Red Wings, which is of course the team that picked up Mike Modano… who writes this stuff? Man I wish we could be there!!

Last year when Eric got back from Iraq he bought himself a coming home present which was half a season’s tickets to the Dallas Stars home games, second row behind the bench. Since we started dating around the beginning of the season I ended up getting to go to my fair share of games, which is how I became a hockey fan. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. There is very little that is more fun or exciting than a hockey game. Gives me goosebumps (although that might just be the fact that it’s effing freezing in there, but I digress). This year the season ticket prices are half what they were last year, but whereas we’re currently trying to purchase a home we’re not in the position to drop a few grand on some hockey games. As TOTALLY WORTH IT as it would be.

I thought I would be excited to see Mo back at the AAC but it’s really just kind of painful to watch him try to score against his former colors. Why can’t we all just get along?

As a side note, apparently Mikey Mo ate dinner last night at the same place Eric took me for Valentine’s day. Along with Jamie Benn, James “The Real Deal” Neal, and Tony Romo. Have I mentioned I love living here?

So here’s hoping for an amazing season, and here’s hoping I find my butt somewhere next to the rink while they’re playing. GO STARS!

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26:365 – Oh, and Another Thing…

I am behind at least one post, so I’ll do a double today.

This blog needs special attention as a “Today’s Reading,” for a couple of reasons:
1 – It’s a hockey blog
2 – It’s a well written hockey blog
3 – It’s a well written hockey blog about my hometown team.

Some fodder for your hockey-hungry soul:

23:365 – Sports World vs Real World

Eric and I are sorta kinda intensely competitive over our favorite football teams. The battle over whose team is superior to the other will probably wage until the end of time. I, being a good New Englander, hold my Patriots above all the others, including the Colts whom I love. Eric, being a butthead, likes the Cowboys. The harassment I deal with from him and his family over my choice of team borders on abuse so when I get an opportunity to get a hit in on the ‘Boys, I take it. Last night while Eric and I were watching some Monday Night Football before bed, something was said about the New England Patriots and their 2007 16-0 season.

Amie: Yeah, that’s right. Sixteen and oh, baby. How many times have the Cowboys done that?
Eric: It doesn’t matter. They lost in the Superbowl to the Giants.
Amie: What do you mean it doesn’t matter, they went sixteen and oh!! They were undefeated!
Eric: Doesn’t matter. They lost the Superbowl, their regular season record doesn’t mean anything.
Amie (totally enraged): Well that’s stupid, that’s a stupid way to look at it, and whoever decided that that’s how it is is a big stupid stupidhead who is STUPID! *throws things and punches a hole in the wall*

Ok, maybe I didn’t really punch a hole in the wall, BUT I WANTED TO.

Growing up, I was not a very sportsy girl. Some of my most painful childhood memories are of the days when there was nothing on TV but football and baseball. Wait, I take that back, the most painful memories are from the time in 3rd grade I tried to play basketball. Someone would pass me the ball… And I would move out of the way, a reaction I still have today. Ick. However, in the 1-year+ that I’ve lived in Texas and dated the worlds most dedicated sports addict I’ve warmed up to my inner (way inner) jock. An afternoon of nothing but baseball on TV is still the stuff of my nightmares but I am a sucker for a good hockey fight, and did you see that catch Miles Austin made Sunday night?

But there is still one thing that irritates me to my core about the athletic world, and it’s this absurd mentality amongst die-hard sports people that the things that don’t happen are more important than the things that do happen.

The Patriots, as I may have mentioned, went 16-0 in the ’07/’08 season. They then lost by three points (17-14) to the Giants in the Superbowl which, according to the logic that governs the world of popular athletics in the US, effectively nullifies the fact that NO ONE ELSE was able to beat them throughout the entire season. Let me repeat that: they beat everyone. What’s that other team that went 16-0 that one time OH WAIT IT WAS NO ONE.

But because Tom Brady didn’t walk away with a ring that year…. It’s moot. Doesn’t count, doesn’t matter. HOW STUPID IS THAT.

In the real world, the world where people don’t whine for more money when they make over $10 million per year, the things you DO count for something. If I took Eric’s car to get washed, cooked him dinner, gave him a foot rub, washed all his clothes, and enjoyed a game of baseball with him one evening… and he then said, “But there was a sock under the bed that didn’t get washed, so none of that stuff counts,” I would punch his face and get Kitty to savage him.

Oh, I’m so irritated right now I might just punch him and sic Kitty on him anyway.

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13:365 – Fantasy Football

Need a defensive line this week. I’ve been using the Cowboys the last three weeks and they’re probably not a good pick to start this week, so I need to go defense-picking. I’m liking either the Bengals, who are playing in Cleveland, or the Seahawks who are playing in St Louis. I wish I could just pick one and get on with it, but I CAN’T.


I’m in two leagues this season and I’m 2-1 (The Velociraptors) and 1-2 (Poised and Ready to Strike, or PaRtS). The V-raptors were undefeated the first two weeks, numero uno in the league. HOWEVER after suffering a humiliating defeat last week (God, I didn’t stand a chance), I’ve dropped to #4 which was the steepest drop in the league. I need to win.

The Seahawks defense have allowed a lot more yards and a lot more points to the three teams they’ve played than the Bengals have (55 pts and 1150 yds vs 49 and 902) BUT the ‘Hawks have earned more than double the points.

So here’s what I’m thinking: PaRtS is projected win by 15 points in a low scoring game against the 0-3 Demons. The V-raptors are playing the 2-1 Ballerz who are managed by an extremely shrewd and practiced fantasy player. Bearing in mind that projections mean nothing (NOTHING), earning points is probably going to be a lot more important against the Ballerz, whereas I can probably get away with even a mediocre display of defense against the Demons.

Any thoughts from my fellow fantasy football fanatics??

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8:365 – Rangers Win the AL West and I Just Don’t Care

Nope, I don’t care at all. In fact, I kind of want to groan in disappointment because it just means I’ve got to put up with watching them play for up to another 6 weeks. Oh my God. Just kill me.

I kind of hate how my life has to be planned around sports and the watching of them. I’m still not in peak health condition, so today I’m laying in bed for going on the 3rd hour, feeling like I’ve been hit by an atomic bomb, and I have to drag my ass out of my death bed to go set the DVR to record the Rangers game for the Boy who works on Saturdays. Can I just tell you that the last thing I wanted to do at that moment was drag my ass out of my death bed for any reason at all, let alone to facilitate my sports junkie boyfriend’s sports habit? I can only compare it to having to get out of your death bed to cut lines for your coke-head significant other.

Then, because the Boy’s family is every bit as psycho as he is about baseball, I got to watch the whole thing live and then again when he finally got home from work. And after that we watched some college football. And tomorrow we’ll watch NFL ball. Monday we’ll be watching the Rangers again, and then Tuesday, and so on until I FREAKING DIE.

Not to mention the games the Nephews play that we have to go to. Baseball games all day every weekend day, football throughout the week. Thank God I don’t have to go to all of them, but my Boy likes to go whenever he has an opportunity, and his parents sure as hell try to see them all (and they succeed!).

It’s a sickness. It’s a dirty sickness.

Is it because I’m from a state that has to share it’s sports teams with 5 other neighboring states that I just don’t understand this? Is this sort of sick obsession isolated just to this particular family, or is it all of Texas? Or is it all of the United States?? That thought just scares me…

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