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22:365 – The Miracle of Dinner

Most nights Eric’s dad, who works from home, takes charge of dinner. Lately he has been traveling a lot for work and when he’s out of town Eric, Eric’s mom and I are left to fend for ourselves. On these occasions Eric, who has Mondays off, will put on his Awkward Chef’s jacket and do the shopping for and preparing of the nightly meal.

It’s pretty much an all-consuming task.

Eric started asking me yesterday what I wanted for dinner tonight. I was basically like, “Umm.. something yummy?” His mom and I had the day off today (Heck yeah, Columbus day!) so the three of us went grocery shopping this afternoon (an outing which is worth its own blog post, but I digress), trying to decide on something tasty for tonight. Unfortunately we had committed the cardinal sin of grocery shopping and eaten beforehand, which meant none of us were hungry and none of us knew what to get. I swear to God we spent 8 solid hours wandering the grocery store shooting down each other’s suggestions. We just had burgers. Didn’t feel like steak. We have pork chops all the time. I don’t want soup. Will somebody just decide? What about breakfast for dinner. Pizza? Nahhhh.

Nothing. Sounded. Good.

It was eventually… finally, sweet Jesus, finally… decided that we would have a chicken dish… but what kind of chicken dish? 10 nah’s, no’s, and nasty!’s later Eric suggested chicken and rice, and so it was that chicken and rice and two cans of cream of celery were purchased. Thus begins the cooking.

Now when I say Eric is the Awkward Chef…. That’s really all that can be said. He generally has a pretty vague idea of what he’s doing, and it’s mostly based on the thought process of “Well, I like this and I like that so maybe if I cook this in that it will be awesome!” The pot with the chicken boiled over and made a huge mess. There was too much water in the rice. We had no idea how long the chicken needed to cook. I was pretty sure the cream of celery was burning onto the cookware. The corn got cold waiting for the rest of the food to be done.

And in the end, it was delicious.

24 hours worth of stress, drama, and preparation for a few moments of zen and tasty food. It sounds cheesy, but I am genuinely grateful for every minute of it. These are the times that we’ll remember years down the road, laughing with each other about how much effort it took to make a simple dinner, and appreciating how worth it it was in the end. Actually, it will probably still be a ton of effort for a simple dinner, and I hope we will still remember to appreciate it all.

Now if you will excuse me, my personal chef made dessert as well. Banana pudding. Yummmm…

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18:365 – All My Girlfriends Are Gettin’ Married

My Facebook friends list is full of names I don’t know these days. It’s not because I like to add random people I’ve never met, because I don’t; it’s because all my friends keep getting freakin’ married!

Apparently I know a Mrs. Eustis, a Mrs. Montanero, a Mrs. Silva, a Mrs. Moody, and a Mrs. Hare. When the heck did I join a garden club? And it’s just going to get worse, too, after all the ladies who are blinging up my news feed with photos of their fancy new left-hand ice seal the deal as well.

My dear cousin (Mrs. Hare) just capped off her first month of wedded bliss yesterday. I was nothing short of honored to be part of her wedding, and I couldn’t be happier for both her and her Mr. BUT IT’S STILL WEIRD.

I’ve got another dear cousin getting married this time next year too. When I found out one of her high school friends had recently gotten hitched as well, I asked her, “Why’s everyone all getting married and stuff?” She told me, “Because we are getting old and have been with the same person forever.” Totally unsatisfying answers, but I suppose it’s half true. She has been with her man forever. Something like six years. SIX YEARS. By today’s standards, that’s a successful marriage!

But I don’t think we’re old yet. Not old enough to turn into our parents anyway!

It’s tricky to decide how old is “old enough” to get married. You definitely don’t want to be one of those girls who gets married right out of high school. Those are the girls you see at Wal Mart years down the road, hair wrangled back into a limp ponytail, toting at least two grubby little kids who are making a scene for candy and toys. Which is not to offend anyone who may have gotten married out of high school and gone on to be happy and successful in every endeavor. You just have to understand the high school I went to…

The students who attend this particular institution of learning come from five different towns, each with a different economic situation, so you end up with a pretty wide spectrum of classmates. There are the kids from affluent neighborhoods who grew up in beautiful houses with views of a glittering harbor… and there are those who grew up in the sticks and pooped in a hole out back. After graduation the former will go to expensive colleges, Harvard and Brown… at the very least, University of Maine in Orono. The latter get married and procreate. Not necessarily in that order.

So at what point has the line been crossed so that when someone says “Oh, you’re getting married?” they say it with genuine excitement and not just judgment?

It’s starting to get a little blurry for me. The camps (divided into “Married Ladies I Love and Respect” and “Married Ladies Who Are Idiots and Just Wanted to Have a Wedding”) are evening out which is distressing. WHY IS EVERYONE (my marathoning cousin who has been waiting 6 years and counting notwithstanding) IN SUCH A HURRY. If my wedding day is going to be the happiest day of my life, and if that is that day that I am going to look the best I’ll ever look, I do not want that day to have come and gone before I’ve even decided what I want to be when I grow up!!

But… you know… if you’re cool with peaking at 21… then that’s cool with me too =) Mazel tov.

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14:365 – Dammit.

I forgot to post yesterday! Legitimately forgot, for the record. I thought my first missed day (because there was bound to be one) would be due to my over the top laziness but I’ve been strong enough to overcome myself the last two weeks. So it was because I forgot.

To be fair, I really didn’t have time! On my way to work by 7, home for 4:30, then showered and packed and on the road again for a weekend trip to Abilene by 6. After my 3+ hour drive, all I could think about was dinner and a comfy bed.


But now I’m in Abilene. In a hotel. With nothing to do.


My boyfriend works in the fast paced and ever changing field of mall security. While the rest of us might like to make fun of mall cops, or “faux-po” as I like to call them, they take their jobs very seriously. There’s a lot more drama involved than you would ever really imagine. This particular mall in Abilene is currently without a Director of Security for one reason or another so they’ve had to bring in outside forces. The Boy’s boss just spent a week and a half out here as the “Acting Director,” and they’ve sent the Boy… ok, Eric, his name is Eric… to relieve him.

So what am I doing here? I don’t really know. Eric is gone a lot for different reasons and I tend to miss him when he’s gone so… okay, okay, I’m needy and I hate to be alone. So when he goes places, I go with him. When he went to Houston for a weekend a few weeks after we met, I went with him. When he went to San Antonio the next montly, I went with him. When he goes to Drill for the National Guard…. I go with him.

I wouldn’t go if he didn’t want me to though. So he’s needy too.

What ends up happening is I sit in the hotel room and claw at the walls, counting the minutes until he gets back. Then when he finally does, he’s sweaty and tired and just wants a nap. So then I pout while he snoozes.

But I have gotten to see Houston and San Antonio because of it, as well as a couple of other places I probably wouldn’t have gone for any particular reason. Like Abilene. And tomorrow we’re going to go to the Abilene Zoo! Word is they let you feed the giraffes.


Pics tomorrow, and another post later.

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2:365 – Lovely Sunday

Quick post today. My boy wants quality Sunday night time and I am neglecting him for the laptop. Not being a techie, geek, blogger, or supporter of any of those he is unamused and less than empathetic.

To which I say… Deal.

Sundays are our one day together. Until very recently, he worked mostly nights and weekends and I’m a nine-to-fiver so the time we spent together was any few minutes we could snag between coming and going. About a month ago he received an opportunity to change his schedule, so we get Monday through Thursday nights together and all of Sunday. Sunday’s are good days, especially now that football (and, consequently, fantasy football) has started. To say my boy like sports is similar to saying Lindsay Lohan likes a drink. I cannot stomach the one-thousand game baseball season but football, with it’s 16-games-per-team-per-season, is much more my style. The uniforms! The crowds! The excitement! Be still my heart!

Anyway, I’ll leave it here before I get dumped. Journey continues tomorrow.

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