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Just a Photo

Just a Photo

Green Oaks Chapel – Arlington, TX


Kick Ass Lyrics at Midnight

Talk of yesterday and
She will show her
Brothers photographed in
Calloused clothes.
Say tomorrow and she’ll
Say come find me
On a beach, and there will be no moon.
But say today
And she will kiss your face
And maybe forget.

– Communion Cups and Someone’s Coat
Iron and Wine

The Old Ball Game


Eric and I went to the Texas Rangers/Cleveland Indians game last night. The Rangers did not win, Michael Young did not get his 2,000th hit, and we didn’t catch a foul ball, but I got some neat photos of America’s so-called pasttime (though I still prefer football):


Go Rangers!


Aww, so sad

Rangers Score!


Kick-Ass Lyric of the Day:

It’s a beautiful day

-Beautiful Day

…and they call it “Twitter”!

I just discovered Twitter.

More specifically, I just discovered that I love Twitter.

I had created a Twitter account or two in years past, but I didn’t know anyone who Tweeted and I didn’t really see the point. It felt like Facebook without any friends/stalkees… snore.

Until I realized that not only can you use Twitter to stalk the people you know… you can stalk the people you only WISH you knew! Like Charlie Sheen! That’s right. I’m following Charlie Sheen, or (as I prefer to think of it) I’m Twitter-friends with Charlie Sheen.

The whole Twitter/tweet thing just didn’t make sense; it didn’t seem self-explanatory like Facebook or Google. Like, what the heck is a re-tweet? And why would you want to do it? And why are there pound signs next to random words at the end of every status update? I mean.. tweet. And what is the past-tense form of the word “tweet”? Twat?? THAT SEEMS INAPPROPRIATE.

So I Googled it, learned a couple of tips and tricks, and now look at me… I’m following Charlie Sheen. And I just tweeted, not twat, about American Idol.

If you would like to follow me, which I highly recommend, I am aka @amieandco. I will try not to tweet too often about my cats. Though I will make no such promise about American Idol. That stuff is serious.

27:365 – Stuff and Things and Babies

I’m an Aunt… again!! My older brother’s third child was born yesterday around noon. I have a new baby niece named Bella. His other kids are almost-13 and almost-9 and they are super excited about their new sister. Despite the fact that they didn’t find out until Thursday whether they were having a boy or a girl, my nephew messaged me the day he found out about the baby saying, “I’M GOING TO HAVE A BABY BROTHER!!!!!!!”

So…. yeah, so much for that. But he’s still excited. My mom is excited too because today is her birthday and baby Bella decided to get borned about two and a half weeks early to be my momma’s birthday present.



She’s adorable and I love her. I just hope I get to meet her soon.

Had a birthday party for one of Eric’s nieces today. Her 2nd birthday was last Monday (so many October birthdays!). Eric has five nieces, the oldest of whom is 6, and I somehow found myself helping four of them decorate a Halloween gingerbread house. For everyone who thinks this sounds cute and fun, it’s not. I do not recommend it, unless you enjoy finding icing in every crevice of your body and home. The little house didn’t look very much like the picture on the box by the time the girls were done with it, but it definitely had a spooky quality to it.


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24:365 – Ummm…

I got nuthin’.

Today’s Reading: Thanks, NFL; I’m Now Aware of Breast Cancer :: The Unpersons — Because I had this EXACT SAME THOUGHT.

17:365 – I Love Starbucks

So much. It’s kind of my thing.

I love Starbucks so much that if, in 25 years or so, it’s uncovered that there is actually crack in the coffee, I for one will not be surprised. Actually, it would explain a lot.

I signed up with their rewards program because, even though the rewards program kind of sucks, if I’m going to be frequenting their stores anyway I might as well get a free drink every 15 drinks or so. The way it works is after you have 30 transactions (not 30 drinks, transactions. Like I said, it kind of sucks) you’re in the “Gold Level” and you get a “Gold Card”

Here’s mine:

God it’s so beautiful.

Eric has gotten to the point where he accepts my Starbucks “habit,” but he doesn’t understand it. In fact, his response when I showed him my new wallet-candy?

Eric: So lame
Amie: Jealousy is an ugly thing.
Eric: I’m not jealous
Ame: How could you not be?
Eric: Beacuse I’m not a Starbucks guy
Amie: But not only does my card entitle me to free Starbucks, it’s SUPER SHINY.

And then I threatened to kiss it.

Did I follow through? That’s for me to know and you to not know.

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