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3:365 – The Setting

So I feel like I should begin, as this is still the beginning, by setting the scene. Though starting my life, spending the first twenty years of my life, and fearing I would end my life in the mid-coast area of Maine (which is not part of Canada… no, it’s not), I find myself in Texas. DFW, to be more precise, or Dallas-Fort Worth to those not in the know. I like it here, or maybe I love it here… it’s kind of a fine line. It’s not the northeast. The locals don’t really know what the word “beach” means. Nor do they know the potential implications of the word “winter.” Nor do they understand the concept of “small town.” The small towns here have forty-thousand people crammed inside their borders, and at least one high school each. The town I grew up in had approximately fourteen-hundred people strewn across the landscape, and shared a high school with four neighboring towns. That’s a small town.
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