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Disney Dreaming

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this tid-bit before but Eric comes from a family with chronic Disney-holism. It’s worse, I think, than alcoholism because it’s just as expensive and there’s no 12-step program. Seriously, this family loves Disney, and not just the women and the children, the men and boys, including my often-stoic military man, love it as much as anyone.

Which is great, because I do too. There is, however, a degree of Venn diagramming to be done between the things the Family loves about Disney and the things I love about Disney. I love Disney for the familiar characters that I grew up watching… The first movie I ever saw in a theater was Beauty and the Beast, the only thing about which I remember is that the arm rests between the seats in the theater were made of wood. I was two when Aladdin came out, four when we bought The Lion King on VHS. In addition to those two, I owned Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pocahontas, The Aristocats, Tarzan, and my favorite… The Little Mermaid. Ariel was and is still my favorite princess. And I love seeing characters out of their traditional setting (Kingdom Hearts anyone?), so even though my first-ever trip to a Disney park didn’t occur until I was 22, I was still just as spellbound as the little girls I was with.

In contrast, Eric’s family loves Mickey. And Minnie. And Goofy. Donald Duck, Chip and Dale, and anyone they can get a picture of. They love Disney for the theme parks, specifically Disneyworld in Orlando, and who could blame them? It’s cliche but true… it’s a magical place. The week I spent there with Eric’s family last December was one of the most unforgettable of my LIFE. It was truly a break from reality if there ever was one. Everything, down to the teeniest tiniest details, was designed to¬† immerse you completely in the magic and the wonder of all that is Disney, and it was GREAT. I just find it odd that people who don’t even really watch any Disney movies, not even the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, could be quite so obsessed.

But they are. One of Eric’s sisters even works as a travel guide for Disney vacations (her services are free and designed to get the vacationer the best value out of their trip, visit her site here for more info).

So it’s not very surprising or uncharacteristic that this evening found Eric and I browsing through Disney Vacation Club literature that arrived by FedEx today. Believe me on this one, when I say Disney dreaming I mean dreaming. The program works through the purchase and use of an allotment of points, which cost between $99 and $140 each. EACH. One single trip can cost you hundreds of points which (making use of my basic math skills) is tens of thousands of dollars.

But I cannot express to you how worth it the whole deal looks! You don’t just go to a Disney theme park, you go anywhere in the world! Name a country… heck, name a city… you want to visit, they’ve got a Disney Vacation Club location: Maui, Paris, Tokyo, Cape Town, Rockport Maine, anywhere. If you’ve got the type of family who likes to take a vacation every year or two, the plan pays for itself in a couple of years. I, unfortunately, do not have the income to cover the related expenses, but if you do I would highly recommend looking into it.

However, there’s a stipulation: you have to bring me with you.


Kick-Ass Lyric of the Day:

I want to be where the people are
I want to see, wanna see ’em dancin’…

-Part of Your World