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13:365 – Fantasy Football

Need a defensive line this week. I’ve been using the Cowboys the last three weeks and they’re probably not a good pick to start this week, so I need to go defense-picking. I’m liking either the Bengals, who are playing in Cleveland, or the Seahawks who are playing in St Louis. I wish I could just pick one and get on with it, but I CAN’T.


I’m in two leagues this season and I’m 2-1 (The Velociraptors) and 1-2 (Poised and Ready to Strike, or PaRtS). The V-raptors were undefeated the first two weeks, numero uno in the league. HOWEVER after suffering a humiliating defeat last week (God, I didn’t stand a chance), I’ve dropped to #4 which was the steepest drop in the league. I need to win.

The Seahawks defense have allowed a lot more yards and a lot more points to the three teams they’ve played than the Bengals have (55 pts and 1150 yds vs 49 and 902) BUT the ‘Hawks have earned more than double the points.

So here’s what I’m thinking: PaRtS is projected win by 15 points in a low scoring game against the 0-3 Demons. The V-raptors are playing the 2-1 Ballerz who are managed by an extremely shrewd and practiced fantasy player. Bearing in mind that projections mean nothing (NOTHING), earning points is probably going to be a lot more important against the Ballerz, whereas I can probably get away with even a mediocre display of defense against the Demons.

Any thoughts from my fellow fantasy football fanatics??

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