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14:365 – Dammit.

I forgot to post yesterday! Legitimately forgot, for the record. I thought my first missed day (because there was bound to be one) would be due to my over the top laziness but I’ve been strong enough to overcome myself the last two weeks. So it was because I forgot.

To be fair, I really didn’t have time! On my way to work by 7, home for 4:30, then showered and packed and on the road again for a weekend trip to Abilene by 6. After my 3+ hour drive, all I could think about was dinner and a comfy bed.


But now I’m in Abilene. In a hotel. With nothing to do.


My boyfriend works in the fast paced and ever changing field of mall security. While the rest of us might like to make fun of mall cops, or “faux-po” as I like to call them, they take their jobs very seriously. There’s a lot more drama involved than you would ever really imagine. This particular mall in Abilene is currently without a Director of Security for one reason or another so they’ve had to bring in outside forces. The Boy’s boss just spent a week and a half out here as the “Acting Director,” and they’ve sent the Boy… ok, Eric, his name is Eric… to relieve him.

So what am I doing here? I don’t really know. Eric is gone a lot for different reasons and I tend to miss him when he’s gone so… okay, okay, I’m needy and I hate to be alone. So when he goes places, I go with him. When he went to Houston for a weekend a few weeks after we met, I went with him. When he went to San Antonio the next montly, I went with him. When he goes to Drill for the National Guard…. I go with him.

I wouldn’t go if he didn’t want me to though. So he’s needy too.

What ends up happening is I sit in the hotel room and claw at the walls, counting the minutes until he gets back. Then when he finally does, he’s sweaty and tired and just wants a nap. So then I pout while he snoozes.

But I have gotten to see Houston and San Antonio because of it, as well as a couple of other places I probably wouldn’t have gone for any particular reason. Like Abilene. And tomorrow we’re going to go to the Abilene Zoo! Word is they let you feed the giraffes.


Pics tomorrow, and another post later.

Today’s reading (#1): The Hidden Boyfriend :: How I Waste Time – I don’t know what the point is, but it has songs! I also like the name of the blog… people are so cool.