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Kick Ass Lyrics at Midnight

Talk of yesterday and
She will show her
Brothers photographed in
Calloused clothes.
Say tomorrow and she’ll
Say come find me
On a beach, and there will be no moon.
But say today
And she will kiss your face
And maybe forget.

– Communion Cups and Someone’s Coat
Iron and Wine


Kick-Ass Lyrics for the Madly in Love

There’s not much more to be said than that.  Here’s a link to listen to the full song. If you are madly in love, I suspect you’ll enjoy it.

Iron and Wine, not Jesus. Not Zach Galifianakis either.

Love is a dress that you made
Long to hide your knees
Love to say this to your face
I’ll love you only

-Love and Some Verses
Iron and Wine

All My Favorite Bands Suck

It is trite to say that that I love music.

Even if I say “…no, I really love music,” it’s trite. Everyone loves music. Everyone has one song or one album that they can’t wait to listen to for the rest of their life. That one artist in particular who seems to be singing straight from the deepest pit of your heart, whether it’s Michael Jackson, Hank Williams, Tom Petty, Rhianna (though I’m going to judge you if your one artist is Rhianna. Come on now.). If you have a soul, there is a song that soothes it.

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