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21:365 – RANT.

I think I have post-newkitty depression. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? It’s quite common. Probably.

Life changes unsettle me, and the sudden and unexpected adoption of a new pet apparently falls into the category of a life change. So blah. I have stress.

Contributing factors:
1) The cat we now have is scared and confused out of his mind, so I’m stressing myself out trying to make him more comfortable.
2) New-kitty, as is his current working title, hisses and growls at Kitty (old-kitty). We’ve kept him in his own room, and so far the only contact the two kitties have had is through a small crack in the door. Everything I’ve read says that some hissing is normal but it makes me feel very anxious, upset, and protective of Kitty.
3) We’re still not in our own place (with 65 days left), we’re sharing a bedroom and bathroom with one cat, and there’s just not enough room in here for two people and two cats. That’s assuming the two cats are comfortable enough with each other within the next 65 days to share a bedroom.
4) This is selfish, but I really wanted my newkitty to be a kitten. I am more than happy to save a grown up cat the way we’ve saved this one; I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if we had not gone back to get him! Also, Kitty was by no means a kitten when I got her. However, I was so looking forward to watching a kitten grow from a ball of fluff into a pretty adult kitty. I think it would be easier, too, to introduce a kitten than a grown, stray, and more aggressive adult cat.
5) God only knows why, but my (for all intents and purposes) “mother-in-law” is insufferable on weekends. All week she’s pleasant and friendly, but come Saturday morning she goes all Mr Hyde on everyone. She’s one part insane and two parts menopausal, and it just makes for an unhappy household in general. And she’s always got a ridiculous reason. Her adult daughter, who has her own family and life, didn’t invite her to go shopping. Her other adult daughter DID invite her to do something. She “has” to do laundry (which she won’t let anyone else do, but always complains about doing). Dealing with this severely bipolar behavior is unbearable for me. I’m sensitive by nature… some might say “a big fat baby” by nature… and what’s happening around me, particularly how other people are acting, has a huge influence on my mood. What makes it harder is that this time last year I was living in my own apartment, doing my own thing, NOT dealing with other people’s mood swings. What makes it harder than that is that if things had gone the way I wanted them to go, I would be in my own apartment right now with Eric and two kitties and enough space for everyone, doing my own thing and NOT dealing with other people’s mood swings. But things are going the way the MIL wanted them to go. Which, obviously, is not enough to make her happy.


So. I don’t know what to do with myself or my kitties. ADVICE?

Today’s Reading: Blue? Pink? Cockapoo? :: A Piene For Your Thoughts – I love this blog.


19:365 – Kitty Rescue Mission

I’m a day behind again! This posting every day thing is way harder than it sounds. I almost went two nights without blogging, too, because tonight has been crazy.

We went out to eat tonight for Eric’s evil grandma’s birthday. When we arrived at the restaurant, there was a cat in the parking lot that was pretty young and obviously starving. It let me pet it, and I could instantly feel the poor little thing’s hip bones. On the way out, armed with a baggy of delicious leftover chicken, we saw the kitty again and I stopped and gave it some chicken which it wolfed down in seconds.

That was pretty much the end for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about the poor thing all the way home. It was basically going to starve to death since, by the look of it, there was either no food in the area or it was a very bad hunter. Not to mention I had no idea where it would find water. Not to mention it was hanging out in a PARKING LOT. With CARS. That would RUN IT OVER.

Got home. Went back out. Retrieved the kitty.

Eric is my hero. Having gone from, one year ago, not even LIKING cats… to dropping everything and driving back out to where we JUST came from to hopefully be able to even find a stray cat that was there 30 minutes ago. It was still there and we baited it with chicken again. To get it into the cat carrier I had to pick the poor thing up, which it really didn’t seem to mind, and force it in… which it did seem to mind. And it didn’t love the ride home. But almost as soon as we got it home and set up in the spare room with a litter box and food and a bed, it started purring and rubbing against us… and didn’t even hide. When I first got Kitty, as I’m pretty sure I mentioned, she hid under a chair for 6 hours.

I am smitten. We’re pretty sure that “it” is actually a “she,” and she is going to a vet first thing in the morning. But she seems healthy, aside from being emaciated. No missing fur, no limp, nothing like that. And she’s a lover.

I just hope she understands the concept of a litter box.

5:365 – Character Introduction (These will happen periodically)

This is Kitty:

Chinese-eyes mean Kitty is happy.

She is the love of my life. She is also a terrorist and a menace. And sometimes a thug.

My boy’s dog, Charlie (or Charles, Carlos, or Señor Slobber) is terrified of Kitty, which may have something to do with the way she hisses and spits at him if he comes within 16 inches of her. But she means well! She’s just decided that it’s her house and she would prefer he not be in it. I feel that way about other people sometimes, too, so I really can’t hold it against her.
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