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I Will Follow Anyone Who Brings Me To You

Just heard a new song: Every Thug Needs a Lady by Alkaline Trio.

I’m in love with the lyrics. Feast your heart on this:

You know I came here
When I needed your soft voice

I needed to hear something that sounded like an answer
Now I stay here, and every day I get one

-Every Thug Needs a Lady
Alkaline Trio


Just Lyrics

No new post today, just lyrics. Matt Nathanson has been the one exception to my recent rant about my favorite artists putting out sucky new music; his new album “Modern Love”, while decidedly different from his older albums (which I think shows growth and diversity, exactly what you want to see from your favorites), is lovely. His voice is just so creamy smooth, fluid and intense, the perfect combination of everything I want to listen to, and the lyrics are never bland or cliche.

Apparently, though, I’ve mostly only listened to it as an album and never really listened to the individual songs out of the context, aside from the song Faster, which is AWESOME, just a brilliant song.  I was just listening to my iTunes on shuffle and this gem came on which I could swear I’ve never heard before. Here’s my favorite part:

Just come on down to the bottom of the sea
Just come on down here
Yeah, there’s room right next to me
I’m tired of getting even
Let’s get odd odd baby
And live life at the bottom of the sea

-Bottom of the Sea
Matt Nathanson