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25:365 – Dallas! Stars! Dallas! Stars!

Tonight is the Stars’ first home game of the season!! So of course they’re playing the Red Wings, which is of course the team that picked up Mike Modano… who writes this stuff? Man I wish we could be there!!

Last year when Eric got back from Iraq he bought himself a coming home present which was half a season’s tickets to the Dallas Stars home games, second row behind the bench. Since we started dating around the beginning of the season I ended up getting to go to my fair share of games, which is how I became a hockey fan. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. There is very little that is more fun or exciting than a hockey game. Gives me goosebumps (although that might just be the fact that it’s effing freezing in there, but I digress). This year the season ticket prices are half what they were last year, but whereas we’re currently trying to purchase a home we’re not in the position to drop a few grand on some hockey games. As TOTALLY WORTH IT as it would be.

I thought I would be excited to see Mo back at the AAC but it’s really just kind of painful to watch him try to score against his former colors. Why can’t we all just get along?

As a side note, apparently Mikey Mo ate dinner last night at the same place Eric took me for Valentine’s day. Along with Jamie Benn, James “The Real Deal” Neal, and Tony Romo. Have I mentioned I love living here?

So here’s hoping for an amazing season, and here’s hoping I find my butt somewhere next to the rink while they’re playing. GO STARS!

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