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19:365 – Kitty Rescue Mission

I’m a day behind again! This posting every day thing is way harder than it sounds. I almost went two nights without blogging, too, because tonight has been crazy.

We went out to eat tonight for Eric’s evil grandma’s birthday. When we arrived at the restaurant, there was a cat in the parking lot that was pretty young and obviously starving. It let me pet it, and I could instantly feel the poor little thing’s hip bones. On the way out, armed with a baggy of delicious leftover chicken, we saw the kitty again and I stopped and gave it some chicken which it wolfed down in seconds.

That was pretty much the end for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about the poor thing all the way home. It was basically going to starve to death since, by the look of it, there was either no food in the area or it was a very bad hunter. Not to mention I had no idea where it would find water. Not to mention it was hanging out in a PARKING LOT. With CARS. That would RUN IT OVER.

Got home. Went back out. Retrieved the kitty.

Eric is my hero. Having gone from, one year ago, not even LIKING cats… to dropping everything and driving back out to where we JUST came from to hopefully be able to even find a stray cat that was there 30 minutes ago. It was still there and we baited it with chicken again. To get it into the cat carrier I had to pick the poor thing up, which it really didn’t seem to mind, and force it in… which it did seem to mind. And it didn’t love the ride home. But almost as soon as we got it home and set up in the spare room with a litter box and food and a bed, it started purring and rubbing against us… and didn’t even hide. When I first got Kitty, as I’m pretty sure I mentioned, she hid under a chair for 6 hours.

I am smitten. We’re pretty sure that “it” is actually a “she,” and she is going to a vet first thing in the morning. But she seems healthy, aside from being emaciated. No missing fur, no limp, nothing like that. And she’s a lover.

I just hope she understands the concept of a litter box.