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29:365 – House (Season 1) in 15 Minutes

Since Eric got me into hockey and other forms of previously-abhorred entertainment, I retaliated by making him like Law & Order: SVU and House, two of my most favorite shows. I started watching House during the summer of 2008 and somehow managed to watch all four seasons that existed at that time via online streaming, starting with episode 1. YES I’m a geek. And a nerd. JUDGE ME.

So, as one may be able to gather, I looooove House. It’s such a fun show! But since then I’ve hardly watched any of seasons five through… um… what’s it up to now? Seven? I want to finish what I started and watch all the episodes in the correct and chronological order. Which, considering the amount of re-runs I’ve caught on Sleuth and USA, is kind of moot but I will not be deterred!! I bought season 5 at a second-hand movie store and Eric and I shall proceed to watch them all.

But in order to maximize Eric’s enjoyment and understanding of season 5, having only seen bits and pieces of out-of-order episodes, I’ve decided to write a beginner’s guide to House MD to get him, and anyone else who doesn’t feel like grinding their way through earlier seasons, up to speed. Here’s season one:

(Please note, this pocket guide is based on the assumption that you’ve seen at least one episode of the show and/or that you have a general working knowledge of its premise. K? K.)

Season One
House’s Team:
Eric Foreman
Alison Cameron (Brown hair)
Robert Chase

Bad Guy/Main Problem to Overcome:
Edward Vogler (billionaire)
Vogler donates $100 million to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in exchange for being made chairman of the hospital’s board. He sees the hospital as a potentially hugely profitable business venture and tries to run it as such. He’s a MAJOR control freak and instantly dislikes House, as House doesn’t do “authority figures.” The Vogler vs House power struggle puts Dr Cuddy (the Big Cheese of the hospital) in the awkward position of trying to make the billionaire happy (by making House wear a lab coat, stop taking his Vicodin, etc) without having to fire her star doctor. Vogler also thinks the Diagnostics department is a money pit and tries real hard to get it shut down. He demands that House fire one of his team (*dun dun dun!*); he later proves himself to be the baddest kind of bad guy by telling House he doesn’t have to fire anyone if he endorses Vogler’s pharmaceutical company of choice.

Important Things that Happen:
-We find out that House is cool with making his team do stuff like break into patients’ homes to get clues to help figure out what’s wrong with them
-Baby dies, foreshadowing to viewers that the only deaths in this show will be babies or other shocking patients
-House tries to prove he’s not addicted to Vicodin by betting Cuddy for a week off clinic duty that he can stop taking it for a week
-Chase has an important father and seriously deep seeded Daddy issues
-Cameron quits. For a little while. Oh, and goes on a date with House. Wtf.
-Chase sucks up to Volger and Vogler tells House he has to fire a team member, but one who isn’t Chase. Chase is a douche. But SOOOO sexayyy.
-House’s ex-wife, and his only soft spot, arrives on the scene with her new husband who needs House to treat him. Drama ensues. Cuddy makes the ex-wife, Stacy, the hospital’s lawyer.

Today’s Reading: Never Stand on the People Mover :: A Peine For Your Thoughts — I have to say thank you for this post for re-motivating me. I was all but ready to give up on my 365, but I read this and decided not to call it quits.