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KALOTD – Two Headed Boy

Today’s kick-ass lyric of the day is from Two Headed Boy, which is actually by Neutral Milk Hotel (craziest name for a band ever? I think yes), but I’m going to give credit to Jesse Lacey. Because his cover is the version I know. And it’s my blog. Also I think the official name for this song is “Two Headed Boy Part 2,” in case you go to look it up on YouTube, which you should.

I don’t even care a little that this song makes no sense. It’s beautiful. There is so much lyrical cash-money it was hard to narrow it down, but I feel comfortable going with this selection:

And it my dreams you’re alive and you’re crying
While your mouth moves in mine soft and sweet
Rings of flowers ’round your eyes and I love you
For the rest of your life
You will see

-Two Headed Boy
Jesse Lacey (cover of Neutral Milk Hotel)