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Another beautiful morning.
6:15 found me asleep in the shower, with stinging eyes and crazy hair. I woke when the water turned cold. Shut it off, wrapped myself in a towel and went back to sleep on the bathroom floor.
6:15 found you alone in your bedroom, fingering the electrical outlet, your favorite song blaring on your radio alarm. You tried not to wake up, tried so hard to force the day away, but it found you just the same.
Another beautiful morning no one noticed.

You asked me if I wanted breakfast. I shook my head no.
(I find you intoxicating)
I wonder.. If I broke down.. And told you my indiscretions.. would you see what has happened to me? Would you see that I am not who you think or what you imagine?
“I want to be a starving artist,” you told me in a semi-drunken slur. “Is that so wrong?”
I traced the line of your collarbone and thought: ‘You beautiful thing, you already are.’

(I find you infuriating)
You wanted to know what’s wrong but you don’t get it, do you (that’s not a question). Life can go on for you now that you know it’s nothing serious while part of me dies.

I don’t know anymore.
I worry about numbers most people don’t notice.

(I find you inconsistent)
It wasn’t supposed to go this far. It got out of hand. I want to be back at the starting line (I never said I wasn’t a quitter).
No going back now, I guess. It’s a little late for that.

You are my life support, my backbone. You keep me smiling. I find you… unbelieveable.

How did you do this?

(I find you intoxicating)
Another beautiful morning.
I roll over and you are not there.


Kick-Ass Lyric of the Day:

In all your silver rings
And all your silken things
That song you softly sing
Is keeping you from breaking
“It’s a long way down,
It’s a long way…”

-Belle of the Boulevard
Dashboard Confessional